Sunday, July 29, 2012

Basic Craft Room Supply List

So whether you're thinking about creating your own craft room or stocking up on your own arsenal of craft supplies, we have come up with a basic visual craft supply list. As fellow crafters, I'm sure we could make a never ending list of items but we tried to keep it to the bare minimum and necessities. These are just some of the items we make sure to keep stocked up on to create our unique Beck's Handcrafted Houses. Hope it helps and
as always stay happy and stay crafty!

Monday, July 23, 2012

DIY Refrigerator Magnets...

So while going through some things in my craft closet and was trying to find some useful way to create things out of my spare parts. Needless to say I was really just making an attempt to get rid of some things in a creative way. That's when I had a great idea to make some cute refrigerator magnets out of my old decorative chipboard pieces I have yet to use. Anyone that knows me, knows that I absolutely love polka dots, which makes these chipboard pieces perfect for me. In just two easy steps and only 3 supplies you can also create some of your own decorative refrigerator magnets. If you are like me, then you know how hard it is to find refrigerator magnets that actual match your decor and this way you can choose your own patterns and designs. Another great idea I had as well was even substituting in some small broken jewelry pieces that you have no other use for in place of the chipboard (This may be another blog post for another day). As it is, you can see to the right and belowI have included a visual step by step (literally, just two steps) and a list of supplies you'll need. You can get all three of these at any craft store such as Hobby Lobby or Michael's. I spent a total of $5 and probably could make around 30 magnets with lots of magnetic strip left over. So, as usual, stay happy and stay crafty and let us know if it works for you! 

Saturday, July 21, 2012

To the Beach...

So I got a little behind on blogging due to a recent illness, but thank goodness after a doctor visit, then the ER, and then lots of medication I am finally good to go. Before I got sick we went away recently on vacation to the beach. OH yes...I said the beach. It was extremely relaxing and we had an absolutely awesome time. It was a break from regular everyday life as well as our crafting, but I always take time for art and also to say hello to our Beck's Handcrafted Houses customers, friends, and fans (as seen below). Hope you all get a chance to relax a bit on vacation. As always, stay happy and stay crafty! 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

July 4th Craft Show...

Better late than never to post, but we've been on vacation and had a few set backs as well (more pics and explanation to come in next  blog post). So we were out and about on July 4th for a local craft show and it was extremely hot. It was over 105 degrees the entire time we were outside. On the up side of things it went well and we sold a few houses but mostly networked a lot with our fellow locals. We even got to use our new banners (as seen below) that were self made and finally figured a way to set up our houses where it appeals to our customers using multiple levels. What was great about the booth is that we had an identical table set across on the opposite side as well.  Even more interesting than that is now you can see our various sized houses sitting next to each other.
Oh yeah, and we even gave away one of our houses...yup..resulting in one super excited winner who coincidentally happened to be her birthday.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Beck's Houses Newsletter...

We've decided another great way for our customers to keep up with our shop online, where/when we will be selling our shops locally, and our newest houses was to create a monthly newsletter. We promise it WILL NOT be spam. We hate spam as much as the next person and we aren't talking about the food (not a fan of that either). As an incentive we will be offering random discounts through these newsletters to those of you who subscribe. YES, we do in fact mean coupon codes for our shop. Awesome right? So if you are in fact wanting to sign up for our monthly newsletter, the easiest way is to visit our Facebook shop and click the E-mail sign up tab located underneath our cover photo. Below I'm including a sample of the newsletter that was sent out for this month to our current subscribers. 

We are now entering the digital age...

So upon discovering a new app on my iPhone this past year, it just now hit me months later just what I could do with this app in terms of our houses we currently sell on Etsy. Check out our new virtual characters that you can add using your own smartphone or tablet. Sorry the video may not be awesome quality due to filming with our iPad, but hopefully you can see how we have added a virtual world to one of our houses.  For better viewing of the characters, view full screen and definitely turn up the volume. We will begin adding characters to our other houses as well. Definitely looking forward to adding some to the Dinosaur one. Let us know what you think! Comments are welcome.

-Be happy and be crafty.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

DIY Sold Sign / Wedding Place Card Holder

In preparation for our upcoming craft show we were thinking about what things we needed that we did not have at our last craft show. One of the things we always need are sold signs. We usually have customers who want to purchase a house but want us to set it back for them until they are finished looking at the rest of the craft show.  Makes sense, however, for our shop we may only have one of that type of house and if we set it back then our new customers may not see an item we offer in person. Our solution was to make sold signs. So today I am including a tutorial of our signs that we made to go with our houses and it may be a good idea for you other crafters out there who have the same problem or could even be used as a DIY wedding place card holder. We'd love to hear feedback to let us know if you're SOLD on this idea and it worked for you. :) 

Supplies you'll need:

  • Scissors
  • Some type of picket fence (Popsicle sticks would work, just cut them in half)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Wooden wheels or wooden piece for a base (You can get these at most craft stores on the wooden aisle.
  • Any color of scrapbook paper
  • Some type of grass yarn (We used sea leaves Riot Eyelash Yarn)
1.     Cut one picket off of the fence or if using Popsicle sticks cut one in half. *Note: If using Popsicle sticks you'll need to paint it if you're wanting a non-wooden color.* 
2.     Next, add some hot glue to one side of the wheel and add picket standing straight up. 
3.     You'll then need to slowly add a small bit of hot glue at a time while wrapping the base in the yarn. Continue to add yarn until the base is covered. *Note: I didn't cover the bottom so it would stay flat and stand up better.*
4.     Lastly, you'll need to cut off a small rectangle of any color of paper you want. (We used red for a more eye catching color.) You can draw on or even print off your own sign for the top.  Would be a great idea for table numbers or even reserved seat signs.
5.     Just attach sign and YOU'RE FINISHED!