Sunday, July 1, 2012

DIY Sold Sign / Wedding Place Card Holder

In preparation for our upcoming craft show we were thinking about what things we needed that we did not have at our last craft show. One of the things we always need are sold signs. We usually have customers who want to purchase a house but want us to set it back for them until they are finished looking at the rest of the craft show.  Makes sense, however, for our shop we may only have one of that type of house and if we set it back then our new customers may not see an item we offer in person. Our solution was to make sold signs. So today I am including a tutorial of our signs that we made to go with our houses and it may be a good idea for you other crafters out there who have the same problem or could even be used as a DIY wedding place card holder. We'd love to hear feedback to let us know if you're SOLD on this idea and it worked for you. :) 

Supplies you'll need:

  • Scissors
  • Some type of picket fence (Popsicle sticks would work, just cut them in half)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Wooden wheels or wooden piece for a base (You can get these at most craft stores on the wooden aisle.
  • Any color of scrapbook paper
  • Some type of grass yarn (We used sea leaves Riot Eyelash Yarn)
1.     Cut one picket off of the fence or if using Popsicle sticks cut one in half. *Note: If using Popsicle sticks you'll need to paint it if you're wanting a non-wooden color.* 
2.     Next, add some hot glue to one side of the wheel and add picket standing straight up. 
3.     You'll then need to slowly add a small bit of hot glue at a time while wrapping the base in the yarn. Continue to add yarn until the base is covered. *Note: I didn't cover the bottom so it would stay flat and stand up better.*
4.     Lastly, you'll need to cut off a small rectangle of any color of paper you want. (We used red for a more eye catching color.) You can draw on or even print off your own sign for the top.  Would be a great idea for table numbers or even reserved seat signs.
5.     Just attach sign and YOU'RE FINISHED!

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