Wednesday, July 18, 2012

July 4th Craft Show...

Better late than never to post, but we've been on vacation and had a few set backs as well (more pics and explanation to come in next  blog post). So we were out and about on July 4th for a local craft show and it was extremely hot. It was over 105 degrees the entire time we were outside. On the up side of things it went well and we sold a few houses but mostly networked a lot with our fellow locals. We even got to use our new banners (as seen below) that were self made and finally figured a way to set up our houses where it appeals to our customers using multiple levels. What was great about the booth is that we had an identical table set across on the opposite side as well.  Even more interesting than that is now you can see our various sized houses sitting next to each other.
Oh yeah, and we even gave away one of our houses...yup..resulting in one super excited winner who coincidentally happened to be her birthday.

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